Fireworks :)

I have been loving fireworks since I was very little kid. I love to play with sparkers. one day, my mother took me outside to show me the big display fireworks. I believe at that time, that Jim Freeman was the one who made that show on silver lake. the fireworks was very huge at that time. I noticed over the years, the firework show in Rochester is much hard to see from far away, even the same place I was at when I saw display fireworks for first time. I guess, they are using smaller shells now for safety reasons now. My family like to shoot off some fireworks at cabin every summer. This year (Summer 2009), I decided to join PGI to learn more about fireworks. I took display firework operator course and passed the course. I got to light up few firework shells :) I plan to do some of my own firework displays. I just need to get permits to purchase those shells. There are plenty of videos on my youtube account that I took of many events at PGI.

My PGI videos on youtube