My Nintendo Stuff

since I was little kid in 1980s, my mother got me a nes system and I loved playing Super Mario Bros game. I got game genie and made weird cheats and other stuff. on SMB3 I made a flying frog. I also got SNES later then a gamecube and N64. I started modding my gamecube to run homebrew stuff. Thanks to Bushing, fail0verflow, and #wiidev team, I put open sourced mod chips and homebrew on my wiis. I owned about 3 wiis around this time. they are packed up in boxes here now. I created few of my own homebrew apps for wiis. I also love to use GeckOS cheats/mods in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. one of my favorite is Flying Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 2 because the SMG2 game still have code for flying.

I have done nintendo handhelds. I have DS and DSi and I buy homebrew flash cards and loved them. I installed CFW on all of my 3ds consoles and used moon jumps on super mario maker 3ds hahaha

I have Wii U and Super Mario Maker and loved playing SMM. It is only one console that I do not mod/hack.

Around Black friday of 2018, I decided to get switch console for cheap. I got Super Mario Odyssey game for xmas. I played SMO for hours and I even took my switch with me at work for playing on my lunches. some time later, I saw many youtube videos on modded super mario odyssey levels. I decided to get another switch for homebrew and modding SMO knowing that I would get banned on my first switch. on ebay, I bidded on one and won one. It was banned one because it was son who run ReiNX homebrew on it and got banned because he went online... his father made his son sell the switch? I ended up returning son's files to the seller's son. funnily, the account was still on the switch and I googled his username and found him on gbatemp and PMed him and ended up giving him his images/vids back to him. I did wiped out his account and data and backed up the boot and NAND before I ran Atmosphere CFW. It do not matter to me if my second switch was banned or not. I have many plans with my switches now. one of them is write homebrew weather app and porting one of games. other one is running android and load my favorite android apps. one issue is no gps on switch. I am having fun modding Super Mario Odyssey. I already made few mods or so. I found many good modded levels. I loaded them on my switch and played them on my lunches lately. I tested one of my mods and it worked sweet.

Lately, I made several homebrew apps for Switch. I made Weather and moon phases app and posted on GBATemp forums. that app is popular and I got many likes. I have many good ideas.

I gotten about 3 more switches from ebay. two broken ones for cheapass prices and 1 modded bricked switch with Trinket mod chip in it. I fixed both of the broken ones and put atmosphere cfw on one and ubuntu on another one. next month, I saw a dude on gbatemp having issues with his trinket switch and ended up posting it on ebay. I went and won it easy. I got it in few days and guess what, I took sd card from my switches and did testing. the sd card from my ubuntu switch did worked and booted up the ubuntu.... The answer is that the emmc and horizon OS is messed up. I made a decision to keep it as a dedicated ubuntu tablet and I re-programmed/reflashed the mod chip so it will just boot ubuntu quick. It works sweet and I took it to my work few times, only issue is that the battery go die more fast than the atmosphere cfw on switch.

I got another "broken" switch off of ebay for $89 and I found out that it have autorcm (a small change to boot0 to make switch get in rcm mode easy without a RCM jig) emabled. I made nand backup and setup emunand and atmosphere on it.
I know it was hacked by the seller or someone else. Luckily, It was not banned one.
I made decision to make it dedicated Super Mario Maker 2 switch.
It is over 650 hours on SMM2 and increasing daily now.

I use pro controller with it all of the time. Thats why it is without joycons.

I uploaded vids of my game plays and mods on my youtube.

ELY M.'s Youtube

ELY M.'s Twitch

My github do have all of my homebrew apps for Switch.
ELY M.'s Github

Complete Atmosphere setup by Nintendo Homebrew (include nand backup and setting up emunand/emummc)

ELY M's Clean and Quick Atmosphere setup/reinstall

ELY M's Atmosphere tips

ELY M's Cheating Tutorial

SMO Modding

Reasons and FAQs

I know Nintendo always make new consoles/handhelds so I will keep going thru every Nintendo systems hahaha. I do own every Nintendo system including Virtual Boy :)