My Weather and Storm Chasing Stories

Hail Storm 5-30-08 - Not a chase - HailStorm just hit right at home - Nice Images of Hails


I know I went more of storm chasing during 2012 and saw variety of things. I have really not log much but upload videos on my youtube channel.

Update 1-26-13:
Right now, It is winter in MN, but we will have warmer weather into 30's and 40's this week. that means there will be nasty thunderstorms in south of USA according to my forcasts.
Cant wait to see what 2013 chasing season will be. Might I will catch some tornadoes in Iowa. if anything good and interesting come out of my chases, I would write down a story here.

I am back to storm chasing now for 2013 after lenghty! winter... I did "chase" winter storms thou and have posted alot of videos on winter storms on my youtube channel.

5-19-13 - tornado warned storm and possible tornado?

5-31-13 - tornado warned storm, hail, and Auroras / Northern lights!

6-21-13 and 6-22-13 - small hail in Rochester, MN after midnight, went to near twin cities area to tornado watch area, golfball hails in St. Peter, MN and beauitful lightning displays then trouble near Owatonna, MN then nice cell storm with rotating funnel cloud in Rochester, MN