5-19-13 Storm Chase

SPC outlook for 5-19-13

tornado: 5%
wind: 15%
hail: 15%

I watched SPC and models for days and know we could have severe thunderstorms outbreaks in the area with possible tornado. I decided to chase when my area got tornado watch and I had to go out early to catch some cells.

I decided to go south on hwy 63 for awhile. I did catch some nice shelf cloud and very heavy gust wind and heavy rain.

After the shelf cloud passed me.

after those storms passed me. I drove toward hwy 14 to chase east because there are more cells coming toward to that hwy 14. few of them got tornado warned. I wanted to catch a tornado!

as I drive... on hwy 14 near some cities. I saw some tornadic cell and watching radar on my phone. I am seeing some strong rotations on radar and it should be tor warned!

I know NWS are usually slow with tornado warning rotations.

There was TVS (Tornado Vortex Signature) on my radar! upside down red triangle on my radar is TVS.

I decided to drive foward and I saw so much fog and heavy wind. It look like the ground was smoking! very similar thing happened as tornado was developing. I seen this similar smoking from ground in other storm chaser's videos.

yes this is me right in middle of the tornado warning (red polygon box)
you also can see that there is hook echo NE of me.

as storm passed. I drive down hwy 14 and made right turn to some gravel road down the path of tor warning to see if there was any serious damage from this cell. only I saw is some roofing materials? black debris on road and broken off tree.

I drove back to home... watching beautiful lightning. great for photographers who love to take pics of lightning. next day, Someone told me on youtube that the storms I chased was mentioned on TWC.

Few weeks later and after few storm chases.... GUESS WHAT?!?!?? I saw a picture of funnel in the area very close to lewiston.... someone took picture of the funnel. I must be under there because of amount of fog I saw.

I went on SPC and looked up storm reports... NO TORNADO REPORT in this area!
I guess NWS do not bother going over this area and verify if there were tornado was really there.

I won't say that it was a tornado or not...