6-20-12 Storm Chase

SPC outlook for 6-20-12

tornado: 2%
wind: 15%
hail: 15%

I was in hospital for few days before and I just got out of hospital on that day. I went home for awhile then I decided to go to hy-vee north to get some food...... I have been watching radar on my phone and knowing that Rochester will have interesting storm that day. I grabbed food quickly because clouds is changing rapidly and I wanted to go driving for awhile after I am done with shopping at hy-vee. I go back to my truck and videotape the clouds for awhile and I noticed few funnel-like shapes and some rotation.

I left hy-vee and go on road and i decided to go on hwy 63 north and go closer to the wall clouds I saw. alot of interesting stuff going on with clouds as I drive on hwy 63.

rain go down harder and I started to see some white little balls hitting. so I know it was hailing at that time. It was very small hail.

I saw bright pink CG (cloud to ground) lightning. It was beauitful. too bad that I do not get it on videotape.

I think I drove around 20 miles from hy-vee north to Hunt's drug store to pickup more of my meds.

It was fun chasing that storm on that day!
I was amazed to see interesting clouds at Hy-Vee North store. I see people just going to their vehicles with their groceries. no one noticed anything going on.